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Why Tepetán



Try to say it without smiling. It’s a fun word. That is what we wanted in our brand, a name that transports you. This bottle was the genesis of our brand. Chris took it from his childhood home in downtown Austin, it has traveled through the years to all the places he’s lived. He loves the look, the feeling he gets when he sees it and the memories of his neighbor growing up, who bottled wine in such a unique bottle from a country he would eventually visit over and over again…. Mexico!

Further south, I (Elsa) was born and raised in El Salvador, where the tropical heat and weekends at the beach were my childhood memories. My parents loved hammocks, limes from the tree in the backyard and cumbia playing on the cassette player. Life was hard but we always found time to laugh & relax.

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Chris’ way of courting me (Elsa) was through a perfectly made margarita. His way of keeping me is a perfectly made margarita. We shifted gears from corporate life to margarita life.


In 2020 it took over our walls, beakers took over our kitchen and our children now pretend they are making margaritas. We spent a lot of time debating the perfect name that transported us back to our happy place: a vacation, a smell, a person, a moment. Tepetán was born.

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“Tepe” means “the hill” in the Nahuatl indigenous language that is Native to both Mexico and El Salvador. The word “tepe” also happens to be in many town names in El Salvador. My grandmother is from Quezaltepeque.


We started with “Tepe” and ended up with our dream name, Tepetán!

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